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Rental Rule

Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheatre Management Information

Fulfillment Amphitheatre    The Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau is currently in charge of managing the Amphitheatre, and has prepared “Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheatre Rental Information” for anyone interested in holding performances or gatherings. Any use of this space requires the submission of an application form and event proposal.
Application Managing Office:
Department of Arts, Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau
TEL:+886-4-22289111, ext. 25404



Regulations for the Application and Governance of Fulfillment Amphitheater

  1. Enacted and promulgated on March, 9, 2011, by Tai-Nei-Hu-Tzu
    No.1000038961 Order of the Ministry of the Interior
  2. Amended and promulgated on February, 3, 2012, by Tai-Nei-Hu-Tzu
    No.1010015190 Order of the Ministry of the Interior
    These rules are prescribed pursuant to Taichung City Government (the “Government”) for the purpose of Fulfillment Amphitheater (the “Theater”) usage application and governance.

    The authority for administration and enforcement of regulations shall be given to the Cultural Affairs Bureau (CAB), Taichung City Government.

    Applications listed below for holding artistic events or assemblies in the Theater shall be submitted to the CAB 60 days prior to usage:
  1. proposed layout plan
  2. copies of the Applicant’s identification

    In situations where more than two applicants are applying for the same scheduled period, priority will be given to the application first received by the CAB. The scheduled period hereby refers to the Theater usage period including set-up and decorating, performance, take-down and other required work.

    If a desired scheduling period remains available, Applicants who fail to file an application pursuant to the terms of Article 3 are allowed to submit provisional applications to the CAB.

    Applicants shall submit all the required documents within the time period mandated by the CAB. A failure to do so will result in an invalid application.

Applications may not be accepted if one of the following conditions occurs:
  1. Any violation of governmental regulations
  2. Any violation of the Social Order Maintenance Act or standards of acceptable moral behavior.
  3. A CAB inspection reveals the potential for damage or destruction to Theater facilities and equipment
  4. The Applicant has previously had serious violations of this Act
  5. Other situations deemed inappropriate by the CAB

    Applicants shall pay the following fees after being issued a usage permit and signing a contract with the CAB. Late payments will result in the cancellation of the permit and contract.
  1. Deposit: NTD $60,000
  2. Rental expenses:
    • Set-up and take-down: TWD $20,000 per day
    • Ticketed events: TWD $80,000 per day Non-ticketed events: TWD $40,000 per day
  3. LED TV wall facility: TWD $50,000 for each scheduled period
    Taichung City Government and other affiliated organizations and schools are exempt from fees or charges. However, outside organizations to which events are outsourced by the above institutions will be required to pay deposits; if the items of outsource fees specifically include rental fees, the outside organization shall as a result pay the rental fees which cannot be used otherwise.

    Applicants shall return the Theater to its original condition after the event and submit a deposit receipt to the CAB for examination and a refund. Refunds will be paid after successful inspection takes place.
    Penalty payments for a failure to restore the site or damage to the property shall be deducted from the deposit; the Applicant will be liable for additional charges should the deposit be insufficient for covering such expenses.

    Deposits shall be refunded to applicants who cancel or reschedule events in circumstance of force majeure or circumstances not attributable to the applicants. No deposit is refundable in a situation where a cancellation takes place because of attributable circumstances.

Applicants shall:
  1. Abide by governmental rules and regulations.
  2. Prior to construction of temporary performing facilities, report to the CAB and apply for permission in accordance with architectural regulations.
  3. Not set off fireworks or hold open-flame performances in the Theater. In the event where artistic effects involving fire or fireworks need to be created, applicants shall submit relevant documentation to the Taichung City Government Fire Bureau and present the approval documents to the CAB.
  4. Behave in a manner consistent with the application content.
  5. Not transfer applications and permits to other parties.
  6. Be obliged to maintain public order and sanitation.
  7. Not paint, staple, attach, stack or carry out other actions causing damage or destruction to public facilities.
  8. Only drive work-related vehicles along designated, regulated routes, not drive on grass areas, and not leave vehicles within Fulfillment Amphitheater.
    The CAB reserves the right to invalidate or revoke usage permission should any violation of the above conditions occurs. In such circumstances, no refunds of paid deposits or rental fees will be given.

    Application formats under these regulations shall be approved by the CAB.

    These regulations shall be in force from the date of issuance.


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